Kayla Pasciullo

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Hi! I'm Kayla, a front-end developer. Officially, my job is to take ideas and concepts and to turn them into stunning websites with my HTML and CSS coding skills. But really? ... I love creating experiences! Most days feel like magic. Take an idea -> Write the code -> Turn it into an interactive experience! I take pride in writing well designed, efficient code to build responsive websites from concept all the way to completion. I am an enthusiastic problem solver who loves a challenge, always looking to learn or try something new! I love to spend time with my family, especially playing games, crafting, cooking or being outdoors.



HTML is the most used markup language, and CSS is responsible for a website's layout and design. I have been working with both of these web languages for many years and am very confident using them to create webpages. I used them both to create this very page.

Analytical Skills

I have a natural analytical instinct. I am always considering the functionality of what I am creating as well as the needs of my client. I make sure that every step of the way I am merging performace and requirements to create the best product possible.

Responsive Design Skills

I understand how responsive design works, I know that today mobile devices account for approximately half of all web traffic. I create websites that respond to a changing screen size. This webpage was created with a mobile first design, then customized to fit medium (tablet) screens and large (desktop) screens. If you are using a device that allows it you can change the size of your browser to see how this page will respond and change to a more functional layout depending on the size.

Testing and Debugging Skills

I take pride in writing well designed, efficient code, testing my work is an important part of this. I continually test webpages for possible errors, and if any problems should arise I correct them immediately. Testing is making sure that my code is doing what it is supposed to do, and being able to consistently test and debug my webpages is essential.

Interpersonal Skills

I have a great work ethic and a positive energetic attitude. I enjoy listening to people and can get along and effectively communicate with others. I believe that positive client relations are an important part of my job.

Search Engine Optimization

Website traffic is important! If a website has good SEO it will attract more visitors. I know proven best practices that are vital to search engines and help bring specific, high-intent traffic to your website.


If you're interested in chatting or want more information about what I've been working on, I'd love to hear from you!

+1 (403) 585-6935